"Equipment, accessories,
and personal advice"


We value the longstanding trust-based relationships we have with the end users and suppliers of our products. We proudly represent high-quality, innovative equipment and accessories from reputable companies, both national and international.

We closely follow new market trends. Due the experience of our staff, we quickly recognize the added value for end users. Our customers can also rely on our expertise when they have specific questions.

Obviously, all our equipment complies with current standards.

Our products


In addition to equipment, we also supply all other needed accessories for the Nuclear Medicine and Radiology departments. From warning stickers to vacuum cushions, syringe shields to lead-lined safes, and from radiological markers to lead aprons. All accessories for radiation shielding, measuring, warning, clarifying, or improving patient comfort can be found here.

If you have specific requests or want to discuss about a product, you can always contact us by phone.


Many users contact PI Medical as a literal 'partner in imaging'. We collaborate to find the best solution and proactively advise on new developments that could profit our relations. We attend numerous congresses, maintaining close connections with our suppliers. With our own experience in Nuclear Medicine and Radiology, we know exactly what end users are looking for.

After Sales

If there is a problem with one of our products, we resolve it promptly. We have our own certified specialists, who can quickly help and assist.

For many devices, we conduct periodic checks according to the guidelines of the supplier. Additionally, we offer full-service contracts for devices that require immediate action in case of a failure, such as the KARL-100. Resolving issues with such vital equipment naturally takes top priority.

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