FerrAlert F.I.L.M. & Encompass

FerrAlert™ F.I.L.M. - Ferromagnetic Incident Log Manager provides An Automatic Data Record of Ferromagnetic Objects entering the MRI Scanner Room

It provides a Continuous and Automatic Visual Record of Potential and Actual Projectile Incidents together with actions taken after the incidentFerrAlert™ F.I.L.M. is available as an accessory to the FerrAlert™ HALO II PLUS detector.

FerrAlert™ Encompass automatically detects and logs unintended ferromagnetic objects entering the MR Room. It is the only system that provides a photographic stream and does not require manual logging, thus allowing the technologists to perform uninterrupted patient care without wasting time with self-reporting. It allows for the analysis of safety trends that can be shared throughout the entire hospital system.

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