ASTER by Tema Sinergie

ASTER offers the safest and simplest solution for managing the administration of radiopharmaceuticals in radiometabolic applications. With ASTER, the infusion of radiopharmaceuticals can be automatically managed from a disposable vial, minimizing operator exposure, and avoiding any risk of contamination.

Initiating the process

Once the perforator is installed on the lid, it can be locked by rotating it 90° clockwise (this is the only permitted direction). The safety seal remains in place in the lid, and the rotation of the perforator ensures perfect alignment of the hole in the perforator with the hole in the seal, allowing the needle to descend.

The infusion

During system usage, the needle passing through the safety seal acts as a lock, preventing incorrect rotation between the perforator housing and the safety seal. It is therefore impossible to accidentally unlock the system while the needle is inserted.

After infusion

After the perforator is removed, the safety seal collects some liquid drops that may come from the just-used needle. This keeps these drops within the system, avoiding any risk of contamination. Additionally, the safety seal protects the operator from potential needle injuries.


Components of ASTER

The ASTER system consists of five standard components, including:

  • An ergonomic stand
  • Safety transfer disposable set
  • Lead Glass Pot
  • Infusion Pump
  • Infusion disposable set

Optional accessories include a shielded cap for dose control and a clamp for handling injection vials.

More information


    Benefits of using ASTER

    • Minimize radioactive exposure: Only one small hole in the lead glass for a single needle.
    • Ensure sterility: The needle will never come into contact with the lead glass.
    • Protect the operator: No chance of being punctured by the needle.
    • Avoid contamination: No leakage of radiopharmaceuticals from the set during disconnection from the vial.

    Certification in progress

    The certification for this product is currently pending. We expect it to be completed in Q3 of 2024. Interested in learning more about this product or placing an inquiry? Contact us via the form below.

    Overzicht ASTER

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